I'm a lucky ducky to be going on a 2 week European river cruise in 3 1/2 weeks. My lovely mum bought it for herself to go with my sis but ended up giving it to me.

She's 88 and recently had a mini stroke which gave her a real shake-up even though she has recovered perfectly. She says that she prefers to be close to home these days and is happy for me to go in her place. So.....wow....how exciting!!!

As I've only got 20kgs I've decided to take a 12 piece travel capsule in a light medium sized suit-case. I've been reading about it and what different people choose as theirs, and I've pretty much decided on mine.

Black Metalicus tube skirt
Dark denim stretch pencil skirt
Black skinnies (or jeggings)
Dark denim skinnies

Grey Metalicus drape tee
Zara print tee in greys
Maroon drapey tee
Black v neck drapey tee
Black slim fit button down with roll-up sleeves OR a black dress (not decided)

Black Metalicus biker style jacket
Print Tigerlily rayon jacket
Black CR merino V neck cardigan (for warmth if needed)

Vionic leopard runners
Croc wedges because they're so comfy

Large Camilla scarf (can be tied as a cape or worn as a top too)
Skinny Camilla scarf (can be worn as a belt/sash)
Striped Metalicus scarf
Knit poncho
Motto Betty belt
Rain jacket
costume jewelry

Black nylon Longchamp backpack (for rain jacket etc on walks)
Orange Sass and Bide cross body

I figured that I have plenty of casual choices but also that I can dress up the black with the Camilla scarves for any dressier occasions. From what I've read on Tripadvisor, this boat will be full of Aussies who don't dress up for dinner anyway.

What do you think?

Oh, and PS.....I could never, ever have done this before YLF. <3