Yesterday was a good spring day to clean out four wardrobes. Mine was in the best shape. I got rid of a lot from DH, and the youngest son. the teenagers clothes get passed on of course.

Our closet got washed, wiped and vacuumed! We have lots of room now!

This morning I counted and my wardrobe numbered exactly 100 pieces. This is all footwear and clothing but excludes:
- gym gear on,y worn to the gym,
- gardening and painting gear,
- sleeping attire
- lingerie and camisoles
- hats, glasses, scarves and jewelry
- handbags
- rainboots and coat.

It does include the following:
- 21 footwear items
- 4 coats
- 27 tops- sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve
- 10 sweaters
- 10 jackets/cardigan/kimono
- 3 skirts
- 11 pants including jeans, harems, pointe and shorts
- 8 work and casual dresses
- 6 pieces of occasion wear

Some categories are in better shape than others, such as footwear, tops and jackets. Others are not ideal such as sweaters and coats. So I realise the 100 pieces is not exactly true as I wear underwear and jewelry every day( thank goodness).

But I was struck that should this week I need to attend a job interview, a wedding, a funeral, a cocktail party, present a seminar, go to the races, go on a school trip, or a rock concert I would have a suitable outfit for all these events. Some I would love, but most I would be very satisfied with. I don't have lots of choice- I only have one race worthy hat, and a couple of cocktail party options, but my wardrobe is in pretty good shape.

YLF and you all are to thank for this. So a big shout out to you all
especially those who are so generous and helpful in my threads.

Moving forward I am trying to maintain the closet at this size, give or take 5 either way. My spring summer shopping list is as follows with the first three already purchased.

funky Work dress
Work/ evening black pants
casual lightweight colourful sweater
white or off white tee/top
long sleeve light sun cover up that can be worn with shorts
Shoes/ sandals - wildcard

This is long sorry, so thanks for sticking with it. And thanks again, I really appreciate the support and advice!!