Master class on how to mix color that is not one’s own. YES, get the oversized sweater!

Love the tonal blue outfit with yellow and white accents, wow, such a great idea to top it with light blue coat/BFcardi, so fresh-and love pattern mixing with scarves myself, too-your outfits always chic, polished, and very inspiring! And, yes, it would worth trying the size down, that is a great sweater!

Wow! these mustard converse are really growing on me! Are they waterproof? leather? good for cold and wet weather or possibly snow?

Love the mustard shoes and bag with a your blues.
I think the proportions of the sweater for you is throwing me off a bit due to combination of the size and the wide stripes, so maybe when you have the right size I’ll get the picture!

Yes vote on the sweater from me Suz; I love it on you!

Thank you all!

Karen, yes -- waterproof! Called "winter sneakers." Gortex lining. Good for rain, and possibly snow. Definitely good for cold weather. If it is not cold enough they feel too warm!

Yes to a smaller sized sweater!

Aww kitty socks! I have a blanket with a similar pattern
I like the mustard/blue combo!

This is going to be a fabulous capsule for you! Actually, it already is! That sweater is really nice, and as others have said, a great way to wear a color that is not great next to your face. Love the longer cardigan, that light blue/grey color is one of my favs and it looks great on you.

Love Susie's shoes too!

Oh wow, I love how the sneakers and bag match. It makes my matchy-matchy heart happy. The fingerless gloves are so fun.