I am thinking about getting a pair of Munroe Abby sandals, but I am unsure of the best color for me. Nordstrom has a new color....wine. It looks more coppery to me than purple. I would definitely prefer the copper. Or, I am thinking of the taupe gold. I need to find the best color for both a navy sheath dress, and a white/tweedy dress with gold and silver speckles (but the overall color is mostly white. The speckles add subtle interest.

Has anyone seen the wine color in person? I tend to get very tanned in the summer if that helps. I also have dark hair.

I tried on the Munroe Abby last year, but passed because I didn't really need them. Now I need a pair of versatile, walkable, dressy-enough sandals. Targeting son's college graduation and hoping to wear one or both of the above dresses if the weather cooperates in the end of May. Graduation activities stretch across a few days and will involve lots of walking in a city.