I wore my cream trousers and suede red Munro booties today. I was really clumsy in the end of the day and dropped my open lipstick right on my hip! Result - 2 little reddish stains on the cream pants.
Crossing my fingers that they will come off in the wash I was getting ready to leave and then to my horror noticed that my cream pants are stained red on the inner hem too - on both legs! Apparently these red suede from the booties rubbed off to the pants!
When I cam home and took the pantsto the laundry I also discovered red pile on the inner hems from the booties as well. I smothered all stains in Shout and thankfully it all came off but I am not sure I will wear these booties with these cream pants again.
I know Suz wore these booties with white jeans- did you get any staining? If not then maybe it is this specific fabric of my trousers which does that?

In any case wanted to share my accident!