Here's my collection of duplicated non basics pieces- full set here
Kettlewell sleeveless tops (2020, 2021): got the dark olive first then added the rust a few weeks ago.
Yogipace joggers (2021): recommended by Helena. These are my "dressy joggers" (never thought I'd say That). The black are 30" cause I wanted full length, got the olive in 27".
Sheridan Mia sandals (2020, 2021): the black I got first, and just duped in cognac. Comfy everyday sandals!
PC pima cotton tube skirts (2019): the black was a workhorse, so got the blue too. Stretchy and comfy!
Also from PC- the Inez and Sultanabad dresses (2019), same shape different print. Looking forward to wearing these again!
BR tops- the sleeveless sweaters (2020) and side tie tops (2018). They tend to do multiple colors that work for me, so duplicate there pretty often. The side tie tops aren't worn much, but good for ttansitional weather.
Holly Yashi earrings (2018 I think)- ordered at the same time cause I couldn't decide which color. Openwork metal jewelry is something I've always liked.

Going forward duplicating plan: 1. my MK crossbody in burgundy (when it returns). 2. Shoes. Once I know a pair is comfy- get a second! 3. Pants- ditto.

It tends to be the under $100 things I duplicate, then end up starting from scratch when the challenging things that work get sold out.