Came through my FB feed just now:

Is it true?? Can it be???

I'm having such finicky feet problems lately. I duplicated an (expensive) pair of SW giveables because the ones I have had for years are one of the few flat shoes that don't give me blisters. But alas, the new ones I rec'd are different... specifically, the back of the heel rides up about 1/4 inch higher, and rubs my heel in a horrible blister forming way... not in a "oh it's Spring I need to just toughen up my newly pedicured feet" way either. We're talking in a "these shoes just fit poorly and they are NEVER going to break in either" way!

I am band-aids and blister pads and mole skin all over my feet lately!! It's ridiculous. I don't think my feet have changed all that much. The shoes have! Dang you narrow heeled folks who can't keep ballet shoes on your feet!!

Mules may be the ticket, but I haven't thought of them as trendy in years and years....?

P.s. has anyone ever had a cobbler tailor a shoe at the back of the heel so it hits slightly lower? These seems like it may possibly be doable, but it would be an expensive experiment.