Well - the order came today and not much of it fit, unfortunately. They are sized quite small - or I am getting bigger by the minute - which is odd because I have a few pieces that were fine in my usual size . The pinstripe pants - wearing them today. Yes , they are ankle pants, but that's my preference. I think it adds some femininity and structure when you are on the shorter side like me . And Elizabeth - they aren't super cropped, more like a jogger hem, and I wore them with a pair of slim-fit chelsea boots and socks. Looked perfect to me. The puffer is a slam-dunk, and I wore it all day too. LOVE it! Looks really fashion -forward and interesting as the sleeve treatment adds some structure and flattery to the usual boxy puffer. Great pockets, inner phone pocket, perfect length - it's a 10/10. It's also a navy-ish black and can pass for either . The tanks are ridiculously small and waaaay too fitted. I ordered both in an M and it was a joke. Need to upsize in the blazer too , which is gorgeous and I'm hoping to keep if I can get the right size but I'll likely pass on the trouser (talk about unflattering - it's me, not the pants, which are so beautifully detailed it broke my heart to look at myself in the mirror) . When will this ever change ? Almost every single pair of pants I try on looks like crap and makes my body look even worse that it already is. Even the ones I kept today don't fit all that well, but at least work with a long top. Will there ever be a pair of pants in my life again , or has that ship sailed? Trying on clothes you had such high hopes for in the wrong size can be so awful - which is why I give up on shopping .

...I think it isn’t just cultural chauvinism that kept women out of trousers for a long time... jus’ sayin’...

Lisa, The puffer was my favorite piece in your original photos...so happy for you that it worked so well !!

I hope that you find some pants that you are really happy with in the future...and if you do...buy multiples LOL.

So glad the puffer and pants worked out! Crossing fingers for the blazer. It's always hard ordering online from the company the first time. Sizing can be so confusing and all over the map.

It may have not worked out completely, but it does sounds like you got a couple of winners out of your order.

Thanks for the info on the pants. I bet how you word them did look great.

I'm now becoming quite interested in that puffer (love that it's slightly more fashiony than gear) and the fleece jacket (that you ordered in grey)(did you like/keep that??). Can you give me more sizing info? I assume it's the other jacket/blazer that you had to size up in?
I tend to go between two sizes for tops, but often end up with my bigger size in coats because I need the width across my back and shoulders. Would going with the bigger of my two be fine here? Or should I go up a size from that?

I'm happy to hear the puffy jacket was a success -- it looks so cool! I'd be tempted if it weren't for the fact that I cannot stop buying jackets.

I'm sorry the pants were not more successful. Your woes sound ALL too familiar to me (have you SEEN my dress shopping woes? even worse than pants!), even though I know we don't have the same fit challenges. Sorry to rant about the dominance of crops on your thread, I think they look so fantastic on others but I struggle with them on myself unless styled perfectly, and I have trouble finding pants that fit and look good, much less at full length. But I digress...So, if I understand correctly, one pair of pants were winners but the others are not? It may be that this brand is just not a slam dunk in fit for you, and requires trial and error. Say it along with me: It's NOT you, it's the pants. If it makes you feel any better, I tried on a burgundy faux shearling vest that I thought looked good until I turned to the side, and my side view is generally more flattering than my straight-on view -- OOOF, I looked huge. But it's the garment, not the body underneath. Some cuts simply look better on our individual bodies than others.

And I sympathize on the inconsistency of sizing. I hate having to size up when a brand is cut small -- it's never fun for the ego to see that larger size in the tag -- but it really sounds like this brand is all over the place sizing-wise. I hope the blazer works out! That was my other favorite piece with the puffer.

Lisa p, two items that work from one online order is GREAT going.

Yeah to the puffer and the pants. You are not alone in the pants woe. I have tried on literally hundreds of pants/jeans and not bought a single pair. Nothing works.

Elizabeth: sorry for the confusion. I have a grey fleece cocoon coat from an earlier in-store buy (The Bay) and it's in an XL of all things. It was the only size left, and it didn't look very big to me, so I tried it, and it's fine! I wear it as a coat/outwear piece anyways. The blazer : I ordered it in a M, and it's too small. It would fit a size 4. Since Mondetta is headquartered here , I'm hoping that they will take returns in person and that there is somewhere to actually try these things on . And yes, I did keep one pair of pants (which I now wish I hadn't worn , as I'd go a size up but it's too late for that- dumb me) . The pinstripe pair are a M (really should go for an L ) and the tailored pants were a 10 and are too big. The sizing is really all over the place, but I would size up any time you're not sure. The puffer is an M and is plenty roomy - close to being able to size DOWN in that one as I don't layer under coats.

Janet - I stupidly wore the pinstripe pants yesterday telling myself they fit and were ok. I think I was so disappointed that nothing else I ordered seemed to fit well that I talked myself into thinking they were comfortable. They aren't. I need a size bigger - nice, I know. I like them so much I'm going to order them in a larger size and eat my vanity and stupidity on that one.

Ah, I've made that kind of mistake before too, Lisa. What I think of as my wishful-thinking purchasing mistakes, when I somehow fool myself into believing something looks or feels better on me than it does, because damn it, I WANT it to look/feel good! Maybe you can sell the too-small pair?

It sounds like their sizing is wildly inconsistent. That makes online ordering such a headache.

I know your pain. Being 5 foot 9 pants are a struggle for me. It they fit in the leg everything else is wrong. I have even tried on the same pant in the same size but different color, and you would have thought they were different pants. I know the designers are laughing at us all! Even men's sizes are crazy too. Ask my husband who hates to shop.

You weren't confusing, just wondering how your sizing experience will translate for me. Do you "normally" take a medium for coats?

Small or medium. Small if cocoon-ish or at all oversized. I must have the weirdest body.

Thanks for this write-up! I end up in Canada 1-2x year with the BF, and I'm going to add this to my list of must-look-at stores, if they have brick-and-mortar stores.

I would love to see pictures of your wins!

They don't have b and m stores anymore, which is too bad. Pics won't mean much - the pieces are all dark and won't show detail.

I love the puffer and it sounds like the pants have potential.

I agree with Linder above

"Being 5 foot 9 pants are a struggle for me. It they fit in the leg everything else is wrong. I have even tried on the same pant in the same size but different color, and you would have thought they were different pants. I know the designers are laughing at us all! Even men's sizes are crazy too. Ask my husband who hates to shop. "

I honestly have sizes in my wardrobe from S to XL and NZ10 to NZ14 (US6-US10). So what size am I...

In the US, REI carries MPG. I noticed the brand when I was there last. A lot of the items are on clearance right now. It's interesting that Lisa notes it runs small, because when I saw the "Chia" top on a mannequin, I looked at the tag (because I was curious about the brand), and the shirt was a L. Mannequins usually "wear" a small size, so what Lisa says makes a lot of sense. The photo shows what the size L looked like on the mannequin.


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