As we move into very late winter, and early spring I am starting to think about how winter has gone for me stylewise, and what I am going to look for in the new season.

In 2021 I have added a lot of gear, plus 14 other items that are not gear (finds are all below plus the black knit sweater dress).  The green bag was a gift, the other items were purchased.

I purchased these as follows:

  • Online (Ezibuy - rust cords)
  • Online second hand (brown bag)
  • In store - Dress for Success Sale - second hand (three pieces)
  • In store - Australian fashion retailer (long sleeve floral blouse - Veronika Maine)
  • In store - local boutiques (7 pieces, everything else)
I have been enjoying most of these pieces although three are yet to be worn (two dresses and the short sleeve floral blouse).  The navy top, jeans and cords have been the most useful to me. I am not yet convinced about the black linen skirt.  

I am loosely following the 5 Piece French Wardrobe where I add 5 new/fun/statement pieces each season plus replace essentials or core items.  Using this criteria my five pieces for autumn/winter were

  • rust cords
  • long sleeve floral blouse
  • navy dress
  • pink sweater
  • black and white sneakers
The jeans, navy top, black sweater dress, denim shirt and cognac bag are all replacement essentials for pieces that have worn out, some are tweaks (the navy top and denim shirt replace navy knits for example).  The black skirt may replace a 13 year old black skirt - but it may not either.

So moving into the spring season, I am planning to add three new statements/fun/new pieces to add to the two I have already purchased

  • short sleeve floral blouse (Already own)
  • floral dress (already own)
  • something green to make a small complement with the cross body bag - maybe sneakers, mules - maybe a top?   
  • spring/summer trousers/pants/denim 
  • casual dress for hot summer.

In terms of core wardrobe replacements I am looking for

  • updated sandals, 
  • summer brimmed hat, 
  • couple of basic tops (something long sleeved and lightweight)
I am hoping to get some pieces second hand or pre-loved....I definitely am adding less new pieces and better quality ones. 

My do not buy list is a bit smaller at the moment:

  • party dresses
  • sweaters
  • gear unless one in, one out
  • print tops or blouses
  • bags
We are back in lockdown (I am actually at work because we are essential services) and for how long is unknown.  We are only Day 2 but it is a bit of an adjustment as last time was March-April 2020.  I have had dose one of my vaccine but not the second one.

I love spring/summer clothing and fashion and can't wait to start wearing lighter, prettier clothes and bare legs.  

I don't think I have had a style shift this year (still aspiring to be a Grown Up Charlies Angel) but I have moved away from tee-shirts to woven tops.  I still wear a wide range of colours and don't want to narrow it down any more - although I am trying to move away from too much black. 

Thanks for reading!!

(ETA - as I write this post I have looked at my finds and realised that the black skirt does not feel like a Grown Up Charlies Angel - whereas the others all seem to, including the black sweater dress.  Time to hand that one back to Dress for Success for someone else to enjoy).