Hello ylf!

Two weeks ago we moved from the big bad city to a much more rural area about 2.5 hours away.

I don't regret the decision one bit as it's been wonderful for the family, but I will admit it's thrown me for a loop in terms of dressing!

This post is really mostly for getting my thoughts out of my head and written down, but I appreciate any and all feedback and help this gracious community can offer.

- I can't tool around the house in flip flops like I used to bc my feet freeze. Need to figure out a presentable option that works inside and outside house (i.e. No slippers)
- right now socks are a must so need to evaluate options (rules out ballet flats, wedges, sandals etc leaving my boot collection to likely get more wear)
- need to figure out layering for warmth not for style purposes - see my older thread on this

- dusty area so shoes get dirty easily and not sure how I will feel with open toes in summer - tbd
- lots of cobblestones so heels are not practical at all. Likely leaving the heels for work capsule only
- most days working from home, school shuttle, being w kids around the house and yard -- MOTG super casual
- I tend to like more formal looks than are practical for my lifestyle even before and now even more so. Need to figure out how to be ok with dressing down/casual but still feel pulled together and presentable
- take time to dry hair and put on makeup -- so guilty of not doing this lately and I feel crappy (I blame the move and not having closet setup but it's a lot of laziness on my part, too)
- review jackets and coats and see if I can SYC vs thinking I need something new for this climate (eyeing the athleta rain jacket Janet or the Lucy similar option has but trying so hard not to buy it before I confirm I really need it)
- need to review closet keeping these things in mind -- keeping work capsule(s) intact for that piece of my life when needed (can be called for client onsite at drop of a hat so gotta keep those capsules intact even if they don't get a lot of wear)
- trying to shop less, have less, consume less ... Hard to get that consumerism out of my blood

Thanks for reading my long post. It helped me to get it all out. Thoughts and commiseration welcome xoxo abc