Congratulations on your fabulous new look. I suspect that you will come up with more challenging comments about going silver than going very short, especially from women who do color their hair. I know that you will enjoy the fashion challenge ahead. One suggestion. Use self tanner on your face as your hair gets more white. At least I find it easier than using more makeup. You may need to experiment to find your best white and that best white may keep changing.
I'm looking forward to see how your style evolves. You are beautiful.

Your hair and whole new look is stupendous. I am looking for a better superlative really. It really is a whole new level of beauty and intellect wrapped into a haircut. And I think I see what Gaylene is saying about your look now heading into a more arty/architectural direction, which I think has been calling to you for some time, and I wish you were here to try some of my big silver jewelry. I can just see you in it right now. Look for Mexican silver on ebay or etsy. I will try to take pictures later. Anyway, short, grey hair, and change in general, is threatening. Further kudos to your wonderful family for being strong and appreciative. Maia bring that camera back!

Lots of great comments here, and lots of food for thought -- thank you all.

Shevia, yes, I do love silver jewellery and will look for some more statement-like pieces. I actually found a ring earlier this year that I fell in love with, but couldn't get in my size. I am still mourning it. And yes, perhaps arty-architectural, but tempered with classics for sure.

Joy, these are great suggestions and a good heads up (so to speak, LOL!). I never wear foundation but do wear self-tanner in the summer, so I will absolutely take your advice.

Vix, I already love the freedom; you are right. You're also right that I don't have to contemplate a huge shift in wardrobe colours since I was wearing cool tones to begin with. But I do think the cut/ colour will initiate a style shift for me anyway. I'll have more to say about that in some upcoming posts.

Lisa, thank you for those great suggestions. I still think we need to shop together in person! I am always going to be that girl who needs the practical shoe (but I love those ones you posted....).

Skylurker, thank you. You DO look amazing in your greys. It is strange how people react, either for good or for ill…

Chris, so sweet of you to look up that necklace, and doesn’t Lisa have the best jewellery? Amazing. You’re right that the most important thing is how we feel ourselves about a change. I’m feeling really pretty good about this on the whole.

Bernard, thank you — you have the right attitude! I’m glad you like the skirt.

Astrid, interesting! I agree the outfit is a bit different for me. But then that’s why I bought the skirt — for a wild card.

JAileen, I think you’re right that going grey reminds others of their age. I never felt that way about my friends who have grey hair when I was dying mine, but it does seem to be a common attitude.

Smittie, I, too, faced those kinds of comments when I was younger and cut my hair. Luckily (or unluckily) those comments never really affected me. I’m a bit rebellious and always thought, “Well, to h— with you, then!” I do think people of both genders tend to associate long hair with youth and sexual attractiveness and so going short and grey seems to them to be a statement about not caring whether one is sexy or attractive. Oh well....if they can't see past preconceptions, they don't have taste.

Sihaya, thank you!

Sally, I think I need that woman’s outfit! I, too, have been influenced by some incredibly fashionable older women in silver pixies. Most were complete strangers to me but I will never forget them. I saw one in Toronto at the Bay, maybe 30 years ago and one at an art gallery and one at Bloomingdale’s in NYC.

Suz, your hair is fabulous and dramatic. I can understand you feeling the need to wear more feminine looks for now, but I believe that you will look killer (I stole Angie's word lol) in looks with more drama.

I'm excited to see how your style evolves.

So pretty!!! I know that is not your usual moniker, but really you look adorable. So much what everyone else has already said... but YOU are a vibrant fascinating person in a wonderful package. I loved Angie's photo from last week, and also Jamie Lee Curtis posted in this thread now are just magnificent. This haircut is just different for a bit - and who wouldn't want to look so stunning. Again echoing someone else here with my own experience, I went from a dark brunette to close on white in my 40s and I honestly have people stop me in the street to comment on my hair. Sure it was a shock at first and I even had dreams about having dark hair again but its just me now, just like you are you in this current evolution!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Another vote for a more Arty Style Direction Suz!
You are brave for going short AND silver at once, so I am not surprised that you have received some not-so-sure vibes from others.
Thanks for being such an inspiration and role-model on this forum.

Wow, you look beautiful in this. Your hair is stunning and showcases your beautiful features, especially your eyes, so blue looks even more amazing on you now. It can take time for people to adjust to a look. I agree with your step son, your new hair cut is fashion forward and allows you to play with all sorts of looks. I hope you have fun with this great new style direction.

I'm with LisaP here, why not daring to wear outfits with more contrast (even such as trying some blacks, too) for achieving that super edge your now pixie reveals form your upcoming style shift....+all in one word YLF in the tucked in & skirted outfit, too!!!

"I do think people of both genders tend to associate long hair with youth and sexual attractiveness and so going short and grey seems to them to be a statement about not caring whether one is sexy or attractive." EXACTLY. Grey hair makes women think about what sexy or attractive looks like, if it doesn't look like blonde or brown hair, a body that hasn't experienced much gravity yet, and smooth unwrinkled skin. I think that women who choose to embrace their grey have often worked through the loss of those attributes, and have realized that confidence and authenticity and middle-aged sass is every bit as attractive (but only to those who see beyond the surface). The Velveteen Rabbit rings more true to me all the time as I age: "These things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

I love the new look, good for you. I think a change like this is threatening to people, makes them rethink their own style and assumptions. They'll get used to it. Great that your family likes it.

Love the blue on you, and the breeziness of this look. I agree that an edgier vibe might be good to try, I think it would work great with the pixie.

Your hair looks great. Your whole look is so elegant and sophisticated. I have always felt only certain people have the ability to pull off short hair, the right face/head shape. I have always wanted to try your type of cut but I have a giant head! I asked my stylist and she said "um, no" so enjoy. You look wonderful!