Oooohhhh, I had no idea you were pregnant! Belated congrats to you and Mr. DV!

You look lovely in that suit. I'm sure your little cherub will take after her beautiful mom.

So glad I clicked on this post to find out about the little girl! Yay! I agree you've never looked better. Don't know how you're doing it, but it's true.

That dark purple is gorgeous.

Is your Tahari suit lined?

You look red carpet ready! Stunning colour and combination of purple and grey is just beautiful.

And WOW, 22 weeks! I remember the second half just flying

Rachy - yes the jacket is lined with a beautiful cream, gray and black pinstripe.

The cut of that suit looks so good on you - the tailoring was well worth it.

Wow,22 weeks and still fits??? That's a great suit, does it speaks French, too?:-) Love the perfect fit and the subtle shine, purple is just gorgeous with it, and YLF of course!:-)