When I posted to Angie's "best of 2014" thread, I made the following observation:
What I find fascinating, is that not all of my favourite PIECES made
this "list". Interesting... are my comfortable clothes not flattering?
Are my favs things that look good on others, not me?

And Angie suggested that I start a separate post about this when I had a chance.

Just for ease of reading, I'll post my favourite outfits again. Now, I do need to confess that these were chosen rather quickly. I could have spent hours picking my favourites, so it seemed better to just go with my gut.

Notable absences:
1. White BF jeans. Can't explain this one... I've looked back through my outfits, and DO like many of them.
2. My new workhorse Lululemon cardigan. I think this is because it's so darn comfortable, it's more of an upscale hang out outfit rather than a "I got dressed" outfit. Or maybe it's too close to JFE rather than F.
3. My white leather jacket. A total workhorse, I've worn it twice as much as my black, and navy.
4. Danier leather sleeved cardigan. This is excused, I've only worn it twice.
5. Plione split neck top. I actually thought I HAD picked one of these, so a little surprised. Might have been a slip.
6. Sequined tank ala Aida, and the sticks and stones tee ala Sveta. Love both. Worn several times. Very strange.
7. The silver Trina sandals. Wore All. The, Time. in the summer.
8. My silky Lulu track pants. Again, worn a lot. And almost made the cut a couple of times, just didn't
9. OMG, the Athleta capris!!
10. J.Crew linen pants. So comfortable. Became summer workhorses. But perhaps on the (barely)FE end of things?

A few thoughts...
1. maybe the loved items are worn more, and therefore don't seem "fresh"? 2. Maybe the loved ones are the comfortable ones, and therefore don't seem "styled"? Definitely a combination I'd like to work on going forward, as comfort is important to me, esp on days off. So I WANT to be stylishly comfortable. I don't want to have to choose!
3. I chose very few summer outfits. Is
this because theydon't look as "pulled together" when compared to other
seasons, due to thier simplicity? I actually love the simplicity of
summer dressing.
4. And back to my original question... is there a conflict between the things I love to wear, and the style persona I want to project? ie are my favs actually me? OK, this is way more than I feel I can cope with at the moment. Just as I feel like I've made strides, I quesiton if they are in the right direction? EEK!!
5. Maybe I'm still refining the holes, and do not yet have the basics to let the favorite statement pieces shine. Because some of the above are definitely statement pieces.

I'm going to leave this now and maybe ponder more as the thread evolves. If it does

Over to you... any thoughts on my situation?

Do you have thing you love as pieces, but they don't seem to make their way into your favourite overall looks?

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