Thanks again, all. I will have to take a serious look at the length of the pant - and may indeed shorten them. I say that. but will I actually get around to doing it though?

I tried to post here last night & it kept hanging.

These pants look great. The warm rusty pumpkin shade is very pretty on you. It’s energized but not overly so.

I really like the toppers/shoes you complemented this & your other recent outfit with.
Love the stiff tongue on the Puma.

I am doing the happy dance here! These look great and so do you!

One of my new cropped wide leg jeans is about this length. It seems to work pretty well -- Angie gave me the thumbs up in the dressing room. It's a bit longer than traditional cropped.

So great to see that you have found your groove. Lisa, you are seriously rocking this look and earthy colours.

The Anthro pants are a much richer and warmer colour than the Anthro stock photo, it is nice to see them "in person".

Please keep posting outfits - these are great for inspiration on casual yet polished outfits.

This is such a good palette for you. I feel, also, this silhouette fits your trim style.

Looks fab Lisa. I am tempted by those pants... I LOVE wide legs!
I was also wondering about the length, but it's hard to tell with the photo angle. Am also totally with you on the "but will I ever...?" I have some red full length wide legs that need about a half inch off to wear them with sneakers, and I have a feeling that they'll just be worn with low heels forever...