Now we are starting to get to the really nutty Christmas items! You all will see what a Christmas but I am.

1-2. Lucky Brand sweater and bootcuts. Festive level: 7/10

3 - Reindeer sweater, black jeans and Chuck Taylors. Festive level: 9/10. The sweater had a hole in the sleeve, so it's retired after this (don't worry - I have MORE reindeer items below.) Sadly, the sneakers hurt my back and hip if worn all day, it turns out; I still need to try them with Superfeet insoles, which I recently discovered are helpful, though I already had a pair I'd forgotten about. They're good for shock absorption, which is what I need now, out on the pavement.

4-5 - Blue sweatshirt with gold thread, blue jeans. Festive level: 7/10

6 - Bonus - new haircut and blowout that I can't replicate.

7 - Embellished sweatshirt and Boden midi skirt - Festive level 8/10

8-9- Outfit for work Christmas party - Boden reindeer breton tee (last year) and velvet jeans with gold sneakers. Festive level - 10/10

10-11- another reindeer sweater, black jeans, and new boots. More about that last item below. Festive level - 8/10

And to think, I'm packing separate festive items from these for my upcoming trip, for the most part. That said, except for most of the explicitly Christmas items, I feel okay wearing most of this stuff all winter (even that second Reindeer sweater is something I'll wear into January.)

My mom also ordered me the following final Xmas gifts from Zappos for Christmas, since we're not seeing each other this year:

New Born Eton boots in teal, as worn above - FABULOUS. Very cute, and possibly also even better than the Born Cove Chelsea boots for my back problems. These are roomy, but that means they fit perfectly with my superfeet insoles in there. I may want to bring these to California instead of the Chelsea boots, but the color makes them a bit less versatile. Can't bring both, sadly. What these have in common is great support and a rubber heel, so that's what I look for now.

Naturalizer Blissful booties (pic 13 includes them) that have been reviewed elsewhere on the forum in white.They will be less useful as I continue healing, but comfortable enough for me to wear some days. They have room for one of my smaller pairs of insoles.

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