Reading all these colour posts made me think about another colour element that’s important to me - colour ‘texture.’

Some colours (usually warm, deep ones) I can wear when they are saturated - like a warm deep olive, warm deep navy, or rust. Others only work for me if they have some heathering or ‘texture’ - particularly pastels.

For example, a flat lavender doesn’t work for me - it makes my skin look Mottled and brings out my dark circles. But a heathered lavender is softer and has a photo effect on my skin, blending with my skin and ‘matching’ the heathered texture in my salt and pepper curly hair. Same is true for almost all pastels, dove grey and oatmeal - I like and wear these colours a lot, but only in heathered versions (or in a material - like leather - that has natural texture to it.)

I suspect this is true because I am on the lower contrast end of the spectrum, with lots of variation/tones in my hair and skin. These play well with colours that match that variability, instead of fighting with it. The same way I look better in organic florals than harsh stripes. I suspect the opposite is true for high contrast people.

Have you found any differences in flat vs. ‘textured’ colors on your colouring?