Thanks all!

My Dres are my normal size, too. They vary, though, in fabrication. So some fit looser than others. These ones used to be looser on me (ahem) and my burgundy ones are still on the loose but not baggy side. The cut is magical for my body. Apparently some are higher rise now, too -- I'm going to be looking out for those. It's the shape of the leg I love.

Some Fabbers tried and loathed them. Pocket placement/ size is an issue for some people. I think they tend to work well if your hips are relatively slim and your thighs are less slim (or slim).

Thanks for the input on the Dres, Suz and Elizabeth.

Suz, those boots are fantastic, I am glad you are keeping them because they look better on you than on the stock photo.

Those boots are awesome, Suz. Glad you're keeping them. I agree with Dianna, they look so much more beautiful in all your photos than in the stock photo. I'm with Janet--you've made me covet them, even though another pair of boots is the last thing I need. (And I'm not sure I get your distinction between boots and booties; guess I missed that thread. . . . off to look!)

Sharan, it's not a distinction that matters too much to you. It's about my weather and lifestyle vs. my style preferences.

Technically, perhaps all short boots are "booties."

But for my non-stop walking lifestyle in a city where slush, ice, snow, and a mixture of those with salt and grit are a fact of life for at least 5 months a year, and where casual dress is the environmental norm, the pretty booties (relatively thin soled, delicate leather or suede) that would work wonderfully, even in this city, if I drove to work and had an office job, languish in my closet without a single wear. Whereas a more rugged boot will be worn and worn often.

My style preference is for more refined footwear, but my life dictates otherwise.

Funny you should bring up boots vs booties Suz. I was recently trying to label a find, and didn't even see "boots" in the categories I had to choose from. There were mid calf boots, and high boots, but no ankle boots, which was what these were. I also differentiate between the two, and think of booties being more of a dress/refined/less tough boot. Boots are boots, maybe with a more utilitarian function?

Hmm, thinking something like a Doc Marten.... no way would I think of those as a bootie.


I appreciate the distinction between boot and bootie. Boot implies utility, whereas a bootie, to me, sounds delicate. This is also making me realize that I'm an unrepentant Boot Person. I'm attracted to the aesthetic of lug soles and thick leather. I have a hard time adding the more refined styles; a pair of "occasion booties" is a long-time HEWI that I've written about several times now.

What about shooties? Shoe booties?

Uber-cool Suz, and very polished!