Gorgeous boots, Suz. I am checking them out.

Love those! Yes, check the color in different lighting, to see what you think. My opinion is that they are a gorgeous color!

So fun!! I have a feeling they are the pewter, but reflecting the warm tones in your home.

Thanks, all. So of course it is super cloudy today again and all our lights are on!

But I tend to think Jenni is right. They call is silver...but it's actually more pewter, and that was a bit of a surprise. If I put it up against "coppery" things in the house, it looks metallic charcoal.

If I put it up against true silver, it looks sort of bronze.

I'll snap pics later on. And try to refrain from wearing them today which is exactly what I want to do!

Suz, I think if it's THAT hard to tell which color they are, it's not worth fretting too hard. I've gotten much more accepting of non-true-silver metallics. Champagne, bronze, etc., all work, even though I am an avowed silver fan, and sometimes a more in-between tone ends up being a little more versatile.

Unless 1) these are actively clashing with what you have, and 2) you don't like the color, I don't see it as a deal-breaker. But YOU have to be happy with them.

Oh, and I must confess, even though I have plenty of boots, your boot posts have made me click on the links and actively ponder ordering them!

Considering I just got a pair of not-cheap oxfords, and a pair of metallic sneakers, I should not be looking at more boots! I need to save it for a possible new pair of sandals for summer instead.

Ah, the old pewter-silver switacharoo. If that’s the case, I think pewter is quite sophisticated. I hope and predict that you will be happy after you adjust you get used to it a little bit, but if you just decide ultimately that what you really wanted to have true silver, that’s understandable! As for bronze, I wouldn’t be happy either. It’s not a happy making color, for me, even if it would go with stuff just as well.

I call this color, "chameleon metallic," and I adore metallics that shift slightly against different colors and in different lights. I have a pair of rose gold slipper sneaks that gleam with more or less pink, depending on conditions. Most important to me is a burnished gleam, rather than an outright shine --

Hope these are terrific for your needs!

I vote wear them!

ETA: you NEED variety in this type of workhorse, Suz. You can get a true silver pair of booties too.

Like Jenni Z I find they look silver on my screen! Not light/white silver, but darker patina'd silver. What do they look like next to white?

I've been reading this thread like a thriller waiting for the big reveal.....what is the true colour! Carla is right......Put them against a sheet of white paper. You should get a good representation that way.

Regardless, they're great boots, Suz.

Love them! I hope they work for you because they are gorgeous.

They sound perfect except for the confusion over the color. I have a pair of pewter sandals that seem to change color like this - sometimes they look silver, sometimes gold. I finally learned to ignore the color thing and just wear them.

They look gorgeous on you! No matter what the color. I don’t own any Chelseas and now I’m wondering why.

They look fantastic on you! The fact that the colour seems to change according to light and surroundings is especially intriguing. I have a pair of bronze metallic booties and they go with everything because of this.

The boots look perfect. They also sell them on Amazon.

I say whatever the color, keep and wear! Maybe they will end up being the perfect winter style refresher. Variety is the spice of life after all!

The verdict: pewter.

Here are some daylight shots. Or daylight, so to speak. It's really cloudy and grey again. And seriously difficult to get decent light.

But..on an off-white bedspread, at the window, at the window with the coppery-bronzey-brassy toned window pull, next to blue grey lounge pants and silver watch on a white background, and then, to show how chameleon they really are, against black.

Thanks for going for the ride with me on these! I will keep and wear.

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Wow! You wouldn't believe that 1, 4 and 6 were the same boots! Fun!

Pewter for the win! YAY! I'm so happy for you. I think they look better in your pics than in the stock pics, as well. Strongly tempted to lemming, but I've fit my monthly budget due to my trench coat quest.

These are crazy chameleon boots!
They looks fab. I am so excited for you about these.

I super want them, lol!

But I must stay focussed and stick to the plan of a black bootie.

Black bootie black bootie black bootie

Not silver not silver not silver

Yay! I actually LIKE that they are chameleon like! I have a few items like that, and they seem to pick up the tones in whatever I wear with them, making them especially versatile. Enjoy!

Lol @smittie I'm doing the same thing!

Suz, these are really beautiful boots, glad you have decided to keep them. I have a pair in almost exact same color, and I find them very versatile. They make every outfit little bit more special. They are not light enough to bookend our hair, but a lighter and more interesting then black boots that I usually default to in the winter. But we both maybe need another pair of lighter silver boots

Full disclosure, I also have these, below!

But, in my defence, those are BOOTIES, not boots, in other words, they are unwearable for all but 4 weeks of my year, which is why I decided to waste my money on them.

Hey man. You’re going punk!

Test drove them...they did well! No blisters.

I've always had a little punk shadow style, Rachy. Urban Prince and all that. Here's punk lite -- plaid, safety-pin-inspired earrings, BF jeans, and stompy boots.

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Yay! Sometimes it takes a while to get ones head around something that isn't exactly as anticiapted... but I like this colour a lot. It looks very silver in the natural daylight photos. I'm glad you've decided to keep them, and that they passed the test drive.

Excellent! I actually really like the darker pewter colour. You keep posting all these cool boots and now I feel like I need boots! LOL I'm thinking about ordering the Taos Crave boots in indigo but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I should stop procrastinating because the only size left is 36. Now I think I need pewter boots too.

Fantastic outfit, Suz. I noticed that you're wearing Dre jeans. Did you size down in those? I've wanted to try a pair but Nordstrom is always out of small sizes when I'm there.

Marilyn, my Dre's are my normal size.