I'm not seeing any must-haves (for me) at Nordstrom, so I've taken to browsing the new releases at Boden, and they are really singing my tune this season (when are they not?!).

They've got some nice corduroy offerings, including a pair of trousers that look like a great fit for me. I'm hoping they release a couple more colours for the trousers because I'm not sure I want to do blush for pants. The blazer is delightful too, especially in the star print! If they release the pants in navy or that lighter blue (available in skirt form), I will totally buy the star-print blazer to go with them. Of course, the blush cords would look amazing with the burgundy striped turtleneck. And they've got a gorgeous burgundy print for their raincoat this season too, which is tempting as I'm up to two pairs of burgundy boots in my closet (plus another pair in a lighter dark red).

Do I embrace blush and burgundy for fall, or wait and see if they release the cord trousers in more colours?