No, I'm not craving more stuff. Now that most of my wardrobe will be Smart Casual, with a small dressy capsule, and a home capsule, I don't need a larger wardrobe. In fact, since I'll be moving about a lot, playing instrument, joining kids on the floor in their living rooms, I need to be practical and approachable. What do I crave?

1. More luxurious, but easy care fabrics. No need for real silk or cashmere, but perhaps some fine Merino, and well made ponte and blends

2. Comfy shoes that reflect great personal style. No super-flats, or heels over 3 inches. I love grown up versions of retro shoes, and refined booties. I'm also ready for more color in my footwear. I spent more than a decade in only black, boring shoes! A real need?

3. Exploration of new silhouettes. Skirts are on the backburner for now, but wide legs? Oh, yes! More crops! Sure (and I'll need the right shoes for these).

4. V-necks and true shoulders. Nothing looks better on me than a nice, modest V! Add a true shoulder seam in a relaxed fit, with good length for pants, and I'm in heaven. I also like the way it allows me to wear a sweater without overheating. What's even better? Luscious fabric and color!

5. Structured, but soft, toppers. This means long cardis that don't droop (and have that nice shoulder line), and jackets with good stretch, preferably unlined. Even better? More color!

6. Jewelry that frames, without getting in the way! When working with children with disabilities, playing guitar and sitting knee to knee, I need modern, feminine details that aren't likely to be grabbed by little fingers, or get caught in an instrument. Bracelets have to stay at home, long pendants will have to be tucked into my fabulous v-neck sweater, but shorter necklaces and earrings will be easy to integrate!

7. More Personal Style! How to I express my dressy, "Diva Off-Duty" persona in my new environment? What about a pair of Mary Janes (2 inches only) with my bootcuts? A 40's inspired blouse worn with crops and ankle-strap shoes.

I won't know for a few weeks (or months) what my needs will be, but I"m hoping to incorporate these elements as I move forward!

Any suggestions for wardrobe additions or remixes? Any of these on your list? What would you add?