I read with interest every time Angie talks about "dressing her mood" or being "influenced by emotions." When I first started reading her comments, I had only a mere inkling about what she meant. Sure, I understood the words she wrote, but I didn't quite understand the underlying sentiment.

I'm not sure if I read her words enough for me to start to grasp the underlying meaning or if a dawning is taking place. But I am starting to understand.

What I still struggle with is how I can be such a different dresser. I must be the very antithesis of a mood dresser. Although color does affect me, nothing else seems to have an effect.

A part of me would like to be more of a mood dresser. Is that even possible or is it a personality thing? What does a mood dresser mean to you? Is it spontaneity? Is it a more relaxed whimsy? Could it be a larger, more diverse, wardrobe that allows one to play more?