So my daughter occasionally makes comments like this, asking me why I always wear nice clothes and like fashion or why I wear lipstick or why I always wear "loud cloppy high heels". Today she saw me in this dress and said, "Mom, why do you always like to be so fancy?" I told her it's fun, like how she likes to dress up in her princess dresses and tiaras. I said I'm too old to wear tiaras, so this is how I get to play dress up. She then took off her tiara and put it on my head and said, "You can wear mine, your Majesty." LOL!

But seriously, should I be concerned? I don't want my daughter to think I'm vain or give her some unhealthy complex. I remember thinking the same thing about my mom dressing up when I was growing up and she was always trying to get us to dress up more and wear makeup--"Mom, why do you always like to be so fancy?" I don't pick out DD's outfits (she picks everything out herself) or put makeup on her or say anything negative about her body or my body or anything (I remember my mom was always on a diet), but I don't know whether I should change what I'm doing or what to say to DD. Because her comments do make me feel a little guilty. She also tells me to stop eating so much candy.

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