My son's wedding is in July. I'm involved in planning and enjoying every moment of it. It is all very exciting, you can imagine. All but one thing - buying a dress to wear. Not looking forward to it!!!!
I need a formal, floor length dress, dress that I will in all likelihood, wear once. I can't buy a "party dress, I have to meet certain expectations since our bride prefers more .... an elegant vibe to the evening. Her wedding - her rules I love her and wouldn't dream to disappoint. Also, I don't really wear dresses in real life. So, what are my options?
I looked at the rentals - I figured I can get an evening dress for one day for a fraction of the money. I'm size 2, 5'3. Most of the dresses will be at least too long. The mother of the bride is going to rent and she assures me that the store will "tape" an extra fabric at the bottom. I have serious doubts about the outcome. Does anyone have any experience with such alterations?
Or should I bite a bullet and buy and then alter my own dress as much as I want?