So, I told you all how much in love I am with my Minkoff hobo, right? This was a wild card that has blossomed into true love and may make me a bag lady yet. I've never liked a bag so much!!

And it was completely unexpected because I usually prefer a structured bag -- but everything in this one is positioned so I can access it easily. The one complaint that some reviewers have is that the strap drop is not long enough but for my frame it is actually perfect.

So. A very similar bag is now on sale at Nordstrom's in off-white. I love carrying a light coloured bag in spring and summer.

Do you think it makes sense to duplicate? Perhaps as an early Christmas present to myself?

One concern...if I had to set it on the floor it would get filthy in no time. I almost never set the current bag on the floor but occasionally it does happen.