I like to go through my closet about once per month and see where things are at - what's getting worn, what isn't, what maybe needs some tailoring, what doesn't fit, etc. Here's today's findings:

1. The striped VC top from last year is now too small. I recently purchased the teal/black striped one from NAS in a size larger. This black/white one is off to be donated to my local charity shop. I haven't worn the teal/black one yet because I actually feel quite self conscious in it - I'm working on it.

2. Bought this Calvin Klein dress in August for a long sleeved fall/winter dress. My K/R thread was mixed. In looking at it again on, I like it from the front and hate it from the back. The pattern placement on the back makes my butt look ginormous. The only way I'd wear the dress is with a jacket over it and I don't always want to do that. Out it goes - what a waste since I've never worn it.

3. Love the pattern on this skirt I picked up at my favourite consignment shop. But it is wool and even lined, itches the heck out of me. Plus it's a bit snug. It's out too. Also never worn.

4. Do I really need to try and explain this horrendous mistake?

For someone who tries to spend wisely, these were all mistakes (except for the VC top, which I did wear a lot last year). I clearly need to be much more thoughtful in my purchases. I also have come to realize that I much prefer a geometric print and not an abstract print. This is useful to know.

I also realize that the more pricey an item is, the more thought I put into it before purchasing and therefore rarely have regrets (Danier Leather black blazer for example).

Moving on...

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