My style goals for 2017 didn't change from the previous year. Instead I made a plan to cut my spending by 80% and stick to a strict budget. So far my plan is working out well. Part of my plan allowed me to purchase a few items each season to freshen my wardrobe. Below you can see the choices I have made so far. Shoes do not count in my budget. Not pictured here are two James Perse dresses. One is 100% cotton and the other is a cotton linen mix. They are more casual than the dresses pictured except for the Lily Pulitzer, which I think is casual. Also not pictured is one silk top I purchased from J Crew with bell sleeves, and another with a ruffle collar. I think that is it for my wardrobe freshening this year.

With what remains of my spring-summer budget, I need to replace a worn out raincoat that is around 39 inches long, and I need to get started on my travel wardrobe. I have been thinking that the best type of clothes for me will be lightweight, easy to clean, durable, breathable, and easy to layer. I have been looking for ideas online. More on this in a future post. I think the raincoat is going to be a tough search. I'm also looking for lightweight super comfy walking shoes. I just tested out some shoes when we were on a brief vacation and they caused blisters!