I love your style too! It's not just the beautiful pieces you have, it's the way you out them together into such a pleasing silhouette. You inspire me! And btw, our beloved golden retriever has been gone for 5 years now and we still talk about him and laugh about him all the time. He's still adding joy to our hearts even now. Glad to meet a fellow doggie lover!

It's always a treat to see your WIWs! I notice that you wear your jeans ankle length but with the boots tucked under. It looks fabulous, but whenever I try it the boots end up emerging from my jeans and end up looking messy and scrunched. How do you keep them in? Are your boots taller or are your jeans straight leg instead of skinny?
Btw now you have me craving a military coat

Lisa, thanks for your comments. I am sorry that your confidence is low. One of the reasons why I posted this set was to show the utility of 2 simple pieces (the jacket and the jeans). I have been feeling bad about my casual style all year as a result of disliking all my blue jeans (for a combination of fit, style and wear and tear reasons). It is amazing how much one good buy (the jeans) has lifted my confidence. I have worn them, and the jacket, umpteen times in the last couple of months in various combinations and I am not tiring of them at all. I think when you find the right building blocks (or "essentials", as I think Angie would call them), things start to come together.

Roxanna, thank you! The black boots and floral boots have a high, narrow shaft, so they do stay put underneath the hem of the jeans. The cognac boots are a little wider and lower in the shaft, so I do experience that issue you mention of the hem of the jeans getting caught in the boots. Usually when standing up after sitting. Only at the front because the hem is longer at the back. I just flip it out but it is irritating. I think it is less likely to happen with cropped straight leg or cropped flare jeans. The skinnier the jean, the more it is an issue. These jeans are a relaxed skinny fit, bordering on straight leg.

Lynette, thanks and welcome! I am chuffed by your comments. And always happy to meet another dog lover. There are lots of us here.

Sally, thanks! Country Road has a spend and save on at the moment. Oh-o

Thanks for taking the time to decipher my cryptic and shameful autocorrects, Brooklyn I will try that with my boots with the higher shaft.

I love both jackets, including moody floral (hah! not leather:-)) one, too & you styled them perfect!
Also, sadly but agreed with Angie: "You can't appreciate the incomparable companionship, character and love of a dog until you have had and lost one". We unfortunately just lost our 10 yrs old beagle... and we are now incurable...:-(.

Oh Lyn, I am very sorry about your loss. Angie is absolutely right.

Your floral blazer looks great! Not sure why you think that people might not like it.
Your clutches and dark florals are such signature items for you.
Great style!

Thanks Smittie! The blazer is pretty maximal. I know that not everyone goes for that look. But I think my style is leaning more maximal these days.

Ha! *I* like maximal! xx
BTW at Pacific Fair yesterday I saw this store called Camilla. I was too scared to go in in case I lost resolve. Gorman, too. Both very colourful appealing to my maximal soul!

Wow, you look amazing. I love all of these! Those jeans are beautiful on you so a duplication sounds wise.

Mrs B is looking good too! Dogs are such beautiful companions.