After shopping for high/hot summer early (February and March) and selecting items based on my notes from summer 2020, I was going into summer 2021 well prepared. However, the weather has been more temperate than last year, and jersey knits that were too hot last summer, have been comfortable, and even desirable this summer. I picked up 4 short sleeve V neck t-shirts in July and promptly put them into rotation. I also bought a cotton knit hoodie mid July - already worn 4 times.

The numbers: June/July 2020 I wore shorts outfits 51 times, and dresses or skirts on 10 occasions. This summer I’ve worn shorts outfits 21 times, jeans/pants 34 times, and a dress or skirt outfit 6 times. (I rotated through 17 different tops, 5 different bottoms, 1 skirt, and 2 dresses.)

In and out: An edit end of June brought my closet more in line with a modern classic style direction I’m pursuing, as did some recent acquisitions. Though the new purchases were intended for F/W, I’ve already had the opportunity to wear them (black loafers, LLBean jacket, black brocade trousers, lilac hoodie. Pastel floral trainers are my summer wildcard.

Surprises: love, and constant wearing of Levis’s 721 jeans in white (10 wears June and July), in blue (16 wears) and black batwing mock neck welted top (7 wears). Absolutely no boho itch to scratch this summer!?

Going forward: I foresee ‘dressing up’ a bit more as Ontario has been opening up after a 3 month lockdown that started end of March. There are going to be a few social occasions, and with a short trip (to check on my mother) scheduled for mid-month, and another for a medical
business first week of September - I need to put together a travel capsule suitable for urban adventures!

(Items I’ve written about in Finds below)

Were you prepared for summer? Has your closet served you well, or have you had to suss out something new? Any surprises?