I loved Cindy Smith's post about her hair - and how she had to pay for her education. Cindy - the forum is not the same without you.

This got me thinking about how many times I "pay for my education"... and it has been LOTS! Sometimes, it takes a while before I learn the lesson too. OMG - fashion lessons, seem to be hard for me to learn (heels over 7cm high....).

Midi dresses are one example of where I have been paying for my education recently. Sorry this is rather long, but I am glad that now I have worked out how to get these to work for me.

I am 5 foot 5 - midi dresses can as LisaP once most diplomatically said "be a whole lot of dress" on me.

I found the EXTREME midi dress to totally overwhelm me. Cute print and a little bit retro and whimsical (tick, tick, tick), My colours (tick), Boden - free Aus shipping and I know my size, consistent quality and fab reviews (tick, tick, tick), 15% discount (tick)! Such a no brainer, or so I thought and then it arrived. It was horrendous.

I did a comparison with my favourite midi dress of a similar length and I thought would be a similar fit and look. Why did that dress of a similar length and style make me feel fab - and the Boden Dress make me feel like a toilet roll holder dolly? The model looked so good and I look Super Frumptastic.


  1. For me to look good in a midi - I need a slither of skin somewhere to be on show.
  2. Massive circle skirts are not my friend - my hips look wider than ever.
  3. Cute prints are all well and good, but are better in small doses because they can be overwhelming.
  4. Midi's for me are more challenging than other dresses and I need to get the proportions right and be mindful of these lessons cause otherwise I will pay!

With this in mind - I had my dress altered and now I am happy that I am wearing the dress and not the other way around!

Photos 1 & 2 - the good long midi - no excess material over the tummy and skin on show in v-neck - makes this feel fab and not frumptastic
Photo 3 - the altered Boden dress with classic pumps (worn to work)
Photo 4 - the altered dress for the weekend
Photo 5- close up of cute print
Photo 6 - comparison of the volume of material in the skirt
Photo 7 - before alteration

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