So I'm not so sure what is happening with me. I redid my hair, a bit darker and brighter, goth rainbow unicorn, as we dubbed it. I'll try to upload a pic later.
I've been wearing a lot of sweatshirts, I got some cool hoodies in Kyiv from a Ukrainian/German artist, one has the phrase "Inhale Art, Not Cocaine". And straight to baggier jeans, older Gap pants, and basic black leggings with fancy sneakers. Recently bought an XXL men's sherpa jean jacket.
Honestly, I feel like an much older and fatter Billie Eilish (especially after seeing a few of recent performances on TV). And not very feminine. Except for the ruffled H&M dress, but that also has no shape.
A while ago, I came up my own descriptive acronym, after talking to my coworker in the elevator while leaving work. I was wearing cowboy boots and loose jeans, we were discussing KD Lang. I realized that it was a very lesbian conversation. I came up with HID (Heterosexual In Disguise), told my coworker the next day, she thought it was hilarious. More than once in my life people have assumed I'm a lesbian, which probably doesn't help my dating life (another topic). At this point in life, I don't get offended, just more WTF. Funnily enough I got less of those assumptions when I was skinnier.
I did just do a bit on online retail therapy from ShopBop, the tops are more fitted, though they may not fit. I see UmmLila got the snakeskin top a while ago. ShopBop is not good at sizing info.
It's a bit of foolish purchase, because I have nothing in my social schedule coming in the near future.
Trying to figure out if this direction is a good thing, or just some weird comfort/armor situation.

ETA On top of dealing with Dad, I'm pretty sure I'm in perimenopause and that ain't helping at all. Yay hot flashes with scrawny old man who needs the heat up

ETA 2: The sweatshirt artist