Like Suz I have been thinking about my wardrobe. It is in pretty good shape for any occasion and I have not bought much. Most have been replacements for low waist pants.
Along the way I found a few other things like booties, several of which are replacements.
I have some insulin-induced weight gain to deal with and waistlines of my older things don’t always fit. I got rid of an armload of skirts, mostly pencil skirts. They have not been replaced as I probably have enough. I am looking for summer 2-piece dresses that will fit with my wardrobe.
Now that the weather has finally gone from winter to cool spring, I need to get back to evaluating what to keep and what should go.
I am trying to be more careful about the environment and worker conditions when buying. Most of my newest jeans are made with plastic bottles. They feel like normal cotton twill fabric and wash beautifully. If you see them don’t hesitate to try them. I am in the habit of not using the dryer to dry jeans so these have only been air dried. Mine are from Walmart of all places on sale for $5 each. I saw them when hunting for plastic Easter eggs to fill. Next year will probably be the year for replacing tops. Since I did not buy anything for a couple of months I am still on track with three new items a month or 36 for the year.