My goal for 2019 is to be more conscious on my buying. I started tracking my wardrobe last August, and haven't set targets for spending or wardrobe size, other than committing to track in a spreadsheet so I can see what I'm doing. At the same time, I made a 2019 health resolution, and progress here has meant relooking at my wardrobe options.

So, midway through the year, here are some thoughts:

  • My total wardrobe size is almost exactly the same as it was at the end of December, even though I've been actively shopping.
  • My spending has been fairly consistent the last 3 quarters, but the value of my wardrobe has gone up. Most of what I've benched/retired were cheaper pieces.
  • I've significantly decreased my cardigans and tops, while increasing my skirts and t-shirts.

Shopping misfires in the last 6 months (finds below):

  • Velvet stripe tee. I liked but didn't love. DD absconded with it, and it's really a better look on her as a more oversized fit.
  • Lou&Grey leggings. Great fit, quality is not there. After 1 wash they started showing pulls. I'm keeping for now, but will replace next time Zellas are on sale.
  • Vince Camuto rumple silk top. An emergency purchase while traveling. It got the job done, but the fit doesn't work for me. The V hits low, and the tunic length cuts at the widest part of my hips.
  • Boden Favourite knit top. LOVED this, but should have purchased a size down. Have replaced in a similar color, so this one can be donated.
  • NIc+Zoe cut-out dress. Hasn't been the "dress to reach for". I'm keeping to see if it gets more wear heading into the fall.
Shopping wins in the last 6 months (finds below):

  • Boden Cambridge embroidered jeans. Great fit and nice detail on the side.
  • Sundance lace t-shirt. An unexpected spring/summer workhorse. Goes with everything and looks nicer than a plain white tee.
  • Zella joggers - so soft, perfect loungewear.
  • Daniel Rainn Eyelet top. Great fit, perfect for N.Cal. summer evenings.
  • Boden Florrie kitten heels. Light pattern, with a fun orange strap and low heel. Perfect all-day shoes

Still reading? Thank you! I'm still tracking my purchases in a collection. And I appreciate all the feedback and I retool my wardrobe to better fit my needs.