I have a little time today to comment on my progress with 2019 goals.

Goals& Progress:

1. Update home/lounge clothes - check. Instead of using demoted pieces, I've bought dedicated pieces and phased out some of the more tired looking items I had. I have a little bit I want to do for summer (The weather keeps teetering on hot and pulling back, but we may finally cross the hot threshold this weekend and stay there. I want to assess my remaining needs for summer and fulfill them in July. I may need a couple more pairs of cool pajamas.)

2. Shop less - Ehhh... On the one hand, I am shopping and keeping less and being more rigorous. OTOH, my actual goal for how much to shop was a bit unrealistic, considering the high amount i was coming from. I think I've had moderate success in moving in this direction, if not fully getting there.Discipline is not my strong suit but any steps taken in that direction are positive, and I won't beat myself up over this.

I have been VERY successful at a related goal I added mentally later on. I wanted to reduce the size of my wardrobe and am on track to have it reduced by about a quarter to a third this year. I need and want a relatively large wardrobe for a variety of reasons, but I did want fewer benchwarmers, and it's moving in that direction.

3. Figure out if I’ll be able to wear all my shoes as my injury
heals. Check.
I passed on a few pairs and have some that I can wear indoors at work or with padding. A few others that I really love remain in the holding zone, as I'm just not healed quite yet. I've decided to keep or pass on all the shoes I'd put aside, though, so this goal is complete for now.

4. I am still trying to figure out the casual style in my workplace
with my need to wear dressier pieces sometimes.
This is still a bit of a tightrope walk for me. That said, I've also started caring less and dressing to please myself as long as I meat a minimum standard of very business casual each day (which is the minimum for the whole

5. When I do shop, continue patronizing Boden (especially knits and dresses).Check, obviously. That said, I had bought a lot more knitwear in late 2018 for winter and didn't buy much this year as of now. The reason for this goal is the quality, and I've mad success at being picky at quality with other retailers, too.

6. Otherwise, keep doing what I’m doing. Check. I think my style is pretty well-defined in my own mind. I keep experimenting with stretching it, which staves off boredom for me. I've done a lot with my non-work casual style, for instance. I've added new-to-me colors, too. I think the experiments often work because I have such a solid base and understanding of my style. Thanks, YLF!

This doesn't pertain to a goal but it's a good time to share that as time goes on, I care less and less about figure flattery. I do still want things to be JFE at least, but... meh. Suffice it so say, I have found this gradual shift in mindset to be freeing. I now prioritize comfort and fun.

(I am not saying that no one should care about figure flattery, but just sharing where I am in my style journey. I would never tell anyone they should feel the way I do about clothes.)

I don't want things to be unflattering, of course. I am sensitive about the size of my often bloated belly and I do try to minimize that when I care. I wish I could drop 25 lbs. I have moments when I don't like what I see in the mirror. I am staring down the barrel of age 40 and fully expect an early menopause, based on genetics. I may feel differently in a few years, especially if I gain weight

I also don't want to overstate and say that I never consider figure flattery, but it is further down my list of concerns when I choose clothes and outfits (except where my belly is concerned). Anyway, I thought I'd share.