I'll join the mid year review party

The good: I'm happy with my summer wardrobe, and my mindful shopping. Dresses are making me especially happy, and I'm not spending an hour each weekend deciding on outfits. I'm not doing impulse buying, and sticking with what works for now.

The not so good: my winter wardrobe, anything involving pants or shorts. Will deal with winter in September or later!

Everything else: I've been focusing more on wellness and getting outside as much as I can-because that's where I'm happiest. I did get a wildcard-a little road bike (happy thrift find-with help from Toban for size) Considering whether I should get specialty gear for my different activities, but am ok not making that decision yet. I've also been catching up with (and making new) friends, since I only socialize in warm weather, instead of buying things I don't or may not need/be able to use later. There's some big challenges, and opportunities, presently and upcoming-but I'm making the most of summer