Hi all, inspired by Suz and since my summer shopping is essentially complete I've been doing some reflecting on the year so far in light of the goals I'd set back in January. So far, so good I think!

  1. Focus on refining rather than fixing or changing - Check. The purchases I've made has expanded and polished what I've already got. (most of my purchases summarized in Finds below)
  2. Keep dressing to my style words "classic, polished, casual and contrast". I'm going to drop "Kate" for now. Check. Although I've still been wannabe Kate-ish lol! I've focused on adding a few additional pieces with contrast (mainly navy/white), in the form of a neutral/nearly neutral prints.
  3. Track outfits. Nope. I did this a bit at the beginning of the year, but it fell off. I'm happy leaving this aside for now, although I am intrigued by Katerina's discussion around 30-wear-pieces, and may see what 30-wear items I have, just for fun.
  4. Shop mindfully. Half a check. I have purchased more than I planned, but I do feel they were mindful purchases, with no duds so far, and most great completers that expand my options and tie my essentials together in fresh ways. I created a bit of a template to mimimize purchasing and maximize options, and it's working well so I'll stick with it.
  5. Dress to feel good. Check. I'm feeling good about my wardrobe right now! I'm not feeling any holes, and seem to have the right thing for every occasion so far.

My 2019 wishlist in January was as follows, with revisions noted:

  • a new everyday belt - done (the circle belt)
  • an additional everyday summer dress - keeping an eye out, but not essential
  • something from Boden - was hoping to get there in England but didn't. Oh well!
  • new nude summer dressier sandals. tried some on the other day but was underwhelmed at the options. putting on back burner for now - maybe I won't miss them?
  • tall boots for next fall. to do
  • a few, mindfully chosen on-trend/current items that fit with my style words - I've added rolled straight jeans and wide crops, and a bodycon summer top to wear with higher rises, that's enough until fall items
  • replace a few worn-out workhorses: white shorts for summer (going to chop an old pair of white jeans), white Birkenstocks (a good clean has salvaged my old ones for another year), sunhat for summer (to do)
  • and of course, my necklace when I complete my 'not list' challenge - got a wonderful necklace for Mother's Day, so might skip this - but still give myself accolades if I meet my 'not' list goals

Additional 'unplanned' purchases made: BR polka dot blouse (new workhorse), Aldo cognac shoes (new workhorses), 3 sleeveless tops and a chambray top for summer from BR, blush satchel (shown black below), olive moto skinnies (shown black below), classic RayBans ... feel like I'm forgetting something ...

Gosh, that was long - I feel like I've gone a good job this year so far. I've avoided impulse shopping, bought pieces I'm wearing the heck out of (or will, if summer ever comes) and am wanting for nothing at the moment. Hooray! Thanks for reading this looooooooooong and navel-gazey post xx