Those look really nice! I have JC Factory black linen cropped wide pants from a couple of years ago, but these seem to have a much better drape. And now I want them.

ACK, I misspoke myself -- I tried those GAP jeans on again and actually they come to my belly button which is a bit below my actual waist. But they feel snug so I hope the size up works. Now off to read comments.

Those BR pants look fabulous!! I'm going to hunt them out also. Thanks!

These look excellent. I'm sure you'll enjoy them even if ironing is needed. Here are my not very good photos of my wide crops <>

Glad you're sorted. The new linen wide crops look fab. I trust that you are at peace with the crease?

Lisa - right - I remember this picture and didn't realize that was the same pair of jeans. Ideally I was looking for a little shorter and a little wider (I sound like I'm describing myself - hahahaha, ugh.)

Angie - you bet. I don't mind creased linen, as long as it's the only wrinkled piece I'm wearing. And it will be

Woo-hoo! Hooray for chance shopping! Lisa, they look really good and going to be cool for summer heat. I may hunt them on sale too...:-)
Suz, I have exactly those GAP dark wash wide legs and wearing them. I am still thinking if I need to crop them a bit more as this length is good for booties and tall boots but maybe a bit too long for summer flats.
I am excited to be jeans twins with you!

Those BR linen pants look great Lisa. Perfect for summer.

Haha still chuckling at your "starvation diet disguised as a detox". Love the BR pants! I don't know if I am short waisted or not but I am for sure thick-waisted so will not be buying pants without trying them on. High rises have always been difficult for me.

Ooh, those linen blend pants look gorgeous. I like the royal blue version, too. I'll be keeping an eye out for those if they go on sale! I've also decided I don't need any more denim and prefer wide legs in a slightly less-casual fabrication. I have these Madewell ones on the way to me in a couple different sizes. Not sure the color will work for me, but I love the seaming down the front.

I'm not looking for this particular style but I can confirm what GreyScale and viva said about needing to try on a zillion pairs of pants, no matter what style you are looking for, in order to find what works. Once you find something that works it's worth stocking up. Some vendors publish rise lengths on their web sites, some do not, sometimes petites and regulars only differ in leg length and something they differ in rise's such a huge chore and I find I have to take a lot of notes for myself and then remember to read makes it all SO much work!

Glad you found a good pair Lisa!

GREAT pants, Lisa. Congratulations on your find.

I like the looks of the ones you found! I would actually try black wide leg crops, perhaps more than denim. Somehow I feel like I would have a hard time making the denim ones look cool and modern. But I'm not fond of linen creasing at my hips. Congrats on finding a successful pair!

These are great, Lisa!

I'm gonna take a look at them too

I think you chose a perfect option Lisa - looking forward to seeing you show them off.