I just spent my late fall clothing budget in one day - an impromptu trip to Macy's and then some online orders. Strictly speaking my budget doesn't refill until Nov. 1, but my mom's having some surgery mid-month and I'm heading back to the midwest to help her out with her recovery for a few days, and I wanted to order things in time so they'd all arrive before I left. I'm allowing less money than I did in early fall, which I think'll be fine: a) I'm pretty set as far as shoes and other high-cost items and b) it's been so warm here I've barely even broken out the fall items yet.

At Macy's I found a black v-neck sweater with a fluid fit, and a chambray shirtdress that's actually long enough, together for only $50. Online, I managed to track down the other color of the black flats I wore for three days straight earlier this week. Also the Angie pick AT oversized shirt, in white and chambray, to try, and a pair of slip-on Vans because my cheapie plaid slip-ons are getting a lot of wear with jeans.

So far I've bought 20 pieces this fall - 1 dress, 1 pair of pants, 2 skirts, 6 tops, 3 sweaters, a jacket, a blazer, and a clutch. This is a bigger number than I would have estimated if I hadn't been writing all of my purchases down as I made them. This is really interesting to me - I haven't had any of these items more than a month yet I couldn't have named them all off the top of my head without thinking about it for a while. How quickly we forget!

I'm still keeping an eye out for current cardigan shapes but I don't really know of any big holes I've got in my fall wardrobe. I'm starting to settle into this buying seasonally thing, although I'm happy with 8 times a year and not particularly trying to cut down below that.