The Mephisto Sabatina oxford in black suede arrived at my house today and I'm looking for input on these shoes in particular, on Mephistos in general, and would also appreciate your thoughts on adding arch support to shoes. 

I really like these shoes, especially their appearance and the lightness of the sole. They give every indication that you could walk and walk in them (which with the travel I'm planning this fall and winter is the reason I am considering them). 

I am concerned and a bit surprised that they don't feel to me like they have much arch support. 

Have you tried these or other Mephistos? Have you added insoles to these or other oxfords with success? any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. 

These are expensive shoes (I didn't realize how they would fill a big wardrobe hole during NAS) and I really really don't want to make a mistake.  Many thanks!