I have fussy low-volume feet like Angie. And I try to consider her suggestions, especially for sandals, since you can’t pad them out with socks or insoles very readily. I bought the Bella Vita Luc in Champagne, which is a glittery but subtle rose gold. I’d probably be comfortable in the Naturaliser Wendy sandal in white. And I’m sure that pragmatically, I’d find white sandals versatile.

But I just cannot seem to get over my childhood imprinting. I can still picture them from when I was growing up. Back then, I was only ever seeing them as something worn by retirees. They would wear them with nylons and little house on the prairie style dresses or with white socks and tracksuits.

Any tricks for palette cleansing of the imagination, so to speak?

Naturalizer Wendy
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