I lso logged in only to comment how incredibly adorable Sam is. My heart melts looking at that cute little face.

Congrats Angie and Greg! And bowing to the new king of the Cox Castle, Sam

Ohhhh! This makes me cry. So happy for the new addition to your family. Sam is darling. What a little sweetheart!

A puppy! Good for you!

I'm not sure it gets any cuter than this Welcome, little Sam!

I am delighted for Greg and yourself. I know how special Sam will be to you and am sure he will have the best home ever.

What joyous news! Did you choose him or he you?

SAM! What a sweet puppy face. Congratulations Angie & Greg. Or congratulations, Sam, for landing such wonderful humans!

He's adorable! So glad for you and Greg, Angie. May you have many happy years together.

Wow, how cute! He is adorable. I am sure he will bring you a lot of happiness.

SO HAPPY!!!!!!! Congratulations! Sam is adorable! He looks exactly like my little Lexi-girl

Lincoln and Lexi send warm snuggles and licks


Oh Angie, how precious. I am so happy for you and Greg!

What a perfect birthday gift! Sam is so adorable.

Sam is adorable! Farley says hello!

Precious! Welcome Sam! Kona, Sera, Lani, Hoku and Stealth all sending fuzzy love!

Totally adorable - welcome new little family member.

A boy! Sam is the cutest little cutie! How much fun you must be having with him!

...and we get to watch him grow up Welcome Sam!

Oh I was so hoping it would be a puppy when I read your title!! Congratulations.

Beyond Adorable!!! What a sweet face. So happy for all of you.

Congratulations to the three of you! What a sweet little cutie. I love his little pink tongue peeking out!

Congratulations! Looking forward to fashion shoots with pup along.


Congratulations on this adorable addition to your family! He is utterly sweet. Just look at that pink tongue. So glad for all of you. He is a lucky boy to have you and Greg, and you and Greg are lucky to have him, too.

So cute! I'm so happy for you.

OMG! So so cute! Congratulations!

Sam...Welcome!!!!!...Girls are sweet, lovely ladies but a secret from me to you and no one else...BOYS totally rock in the love, cuddling and baby-boy department...Sam will exasperate your patience at times but he will be just what you need all of the time...
From my precious Toby...the major exasperator of all times, and me... We send our best LOVE and a...smile.....

Ooooh! What an absolutely adorable little rascal Sam is!
I'm so happy for you and Greg to have this darling little addition to your family. There is just nothing more fun than a new puppy. Enjoy! ❤

I'm so happy for you! So incredibly adorable! More love for the three of you!

And the pictures are just amazing, the under bookshelf smile and the little tongue out when sleeping...!!!

What a little love! Xo.