How did i miss this? Hi little guy, you are very lucky to have found such awesome parents. Welcome to the team!

oh he is so totally cute - not that I am a biased dog lover of course! I look forward to seeing him some more... puppy kisses from his dog-cousin in Australia Wil who is my Ed's successor....

Thanks, Angie :). I miss you ladies a lot, and I'm hoping to rejoin one day after things calm down. {{hugs}}

Looking forward to it, Charmian.

Thanks so much ladies. We LOVE Sam soooo much.

I cannot imagine a more heartwarming post to see in this forum.

Sam is a little heartbreaker already - and apparently has excellent karma Puppies are in the air - dad and bonus mom are bringing one home any day now (a Swedish Vallhund). I love it! Give Sam a big snorgle from me <3

OMG! He is so cute!
Hugs to Sam from Portugal!

I will, mrseccentric and Rute. Hugging Sam a hundred times a day is a great joy.

I'm a total cat person, but I've got to say, that is one cute fur baby. I might have to become a dog person, too. I love it when they sleep with their tongue out! Do you have a special designer Sam-carrier yet? He clearly deserves nothing less than a Gucci bag.

I can not take it! He is soooooooooo sweet. That picture of him with his little tongue sticking out is just the best!!!

I've got to check in more ! Baby puppy pics! Sooooo cute! So happy for you and Greg and your furbaby!

So gorgeous and fluffy :)) Enjoy!