What a beautiful spot. And ditto what everyone is saying:)

What a stunning place. Such wide dramatic skies and space. Lovely family pics!

Thank you for sharing!

You should be wearing a hat in those conditions. Tsk tsk!

But you look beautiful, ugly shoes and all. And Sam must have had a ball.

Grippy shoes are THE BEST. Way to distract the eye by matching scarf to dog!

Only you can look so perfectly stylish in your "gear"

You look gorgeous in hiking gear, Sam is so cute, lovely pictures.

the sky looks almost too perfect! what a beautiful spot...

Sam has gotta be loving life. YAY.

For hiking shoes these are good looking. Mine are incredibly comfortable but look massive on my feet.

The scenery is beautiful and Sam looks like he is having a wonderful time. My Bijou (who is now 11 years old), has the best intentions, but eventually tires and we have to carry her. You really feel those extra 9 kilos of Westie when walking - but she loves it being up in my arms like a big teddy. Margot is not much better and is solid too. Lucky they are cute...

Even in gear you look fab. Beautiful pictures and lovely Sam as well.

I don't think those are bad at all for hiking shoes! We decided not to go to Antelope Island when we visited my daughter in Salt Lake City, now I regret that. I guess we need to go back!

Gorgeous place, Salt Lake. Love it there. And what a bunch of cuties!!

Sam blends right into those rocks!

I love gear so much - it means outside, fitness and movement to me, and the most important thing is making sure our feet are comfortable and supported. YLF always, and especially in your gear, Angie!

I have a memory of the Great Salt Lake being so desolate. Clearly I wasn't in the right spot all those years ago. But crunching on that salt.... it was kind of desolate! Utah is so breathtaking. Lucky you and Greg, spending extended time out there.

What beautiful skies!

You all look very stylish. Sam seems to be energized by the environment. Funny how he is matchy-matchy with the rocks!

Great picties and fab gear on you-not visible here, but think your pearls are still there under that gorgeous scarf and no matter the crawling, Sam and Greg both are your comrades in high style!

Pic #8 is beautiful! It would be wonderful blown up and framed. And Sam-what a cute little hiker!! We had a miniature dachshund who loved hiking when I was a kid. Agree, sometimes gear isn't the cutest, but necessary. the rest of your outfit is fab, Angie!

WOW. Thank you all soooo much for the kind words, ladies. I appreciate the compliments about my boys too.

You're making me feel better about those awfully ugly yet KILLER amazing shoes I HIGHLY recommend visiting Utah for a very unique type of natural beauty. Sooooo different to Seattle, which is extremely pretty.

Gryffin, your style soliloquies are endearing.

Jenn & Brooklyn, I WAS wearing a hat actually. Just not photographed here. I am very good about covering up! All sun-blocked-up too.

Lyn67 and Mainelady. I left off my pearls that day, but dead right - usually have them tucked away under my scarf.

MsMaven, you are gracious. Thank you. Go ahead and try those shoes for your knees. VERY supportive. (Sorry you're battling with your knees, and am sending healing thoughts).

Wow, this is so lovely! Thank you for these beautiful pics.

Yes, a road trip through Utah is on my bucket list.
Your shoes look pretty good Angie. I’m glad you’ve got the right shoes for the activity.
You might need to create a hiking capsule next!

What a totally stunning place and isn’t Sam the photogenic one.Your shoes look fine ,l think that you are extra sensitive due to your job,most people would think that you look great.

Beautiful pics. I was pleasantly surprised years ago to discover how incredible gorgeous Utah is and how many national parks they have there. Its a walker, hiker, biking, explorer's mecca. Your shoes don't look that bad to me at all, but Sam is the cutest ever! Thanks for sharing.

What gorgeous photos of a fabulous day. The scenery is to die for. You are setting the ultimate good example on not letting clothes boss us around. Your core fashion style would tell you to not bother with activities that required true gear or try wearing those cute oxfords they will be good enough...but your true SELF that wants to enjoy all that life has to offer says "be quiet, little voice, I'm going for it, and making sure I'm safely outfitted!". Sounds like Yorkies are part mountain goat

Nice adventure, Angie... and I'm glad you didn't have to go sort them bisons out with your wee wolf critter !

Lovely all around! Your smart styling made the shoes the last thing I noticed about your outfit. But really, for hiking shoes I think they aren't too horrible at all.

You are all SO NICE. Thank so much.

Smittie, I'm hoping to never have to create a hiking capsule

Chris, you are a sweetheart, and crack me up. I didn't know whether to award you a Therapy or Comedy award.....

Colette and mtsnofthemoon, you are as gracious as ever.

Cee, Sam can take on bison......when he's in my arms and feeling secure

haha, even in gear you manage to have a chic vibe about you!

Gorgeous photos of the landscape, and you and Greg and Sam look perfect in them! (Really making me want to go back to Utah for another visit!)

I always love it when scarves and cute pups co-ordinate-bookending?
I wish I looked half as stylish when I was out walking! Come to NZ and do some of our hikes-you’d love them!

I think if you were threatened the primeval wolf would emerge from Sam, Angie

You're sweet abc, lucy and rose.

Cee, Sam is a mini Dire Wolf. (Did you watch Game of Thrones?)