I hear you Lisa! I want to love Converse on my self, but I just don't... as to the returns. You wouldn't be the first, and you wouldn't be the last. Don't beat yourself up about it if you know these aren't for you. I suspect most returns aren't resold anyways, regardless of condition?

Synne, if they are not resold, then what happens to them? Landfill?

JenniNZ I read somewhere that all on-line purchases that are returned get burnt or go to landfill because the cost is not worth it to actually put them back in stock. Shocking if it is true.

Yes, it makes (morbid) sense actually. How much wouldn't it cost to inspect each and every garment by human hand, and what about now in these times with sharp focus on hygiene? I can't fathom it is worth the cost for corporations to do this. The ideal situation (or wishful thinking) is that the corps trust their customer base to be honest and diligent, and that the clothes returned are all in mint condition ready to exchange hands. But that's for a different post altogether.

Shoes worn/tried on for a couple of hours isn't the worst. Often when you buy in-store the clothes have been tried numerous times also.

I was a very devoted Converse wearer in my teens and 20s, but I had to stop because the rubber toe cap and narrow toe box were causing all kinds of foot problems for me. I still love the way they look, but I've had to move on and find alternatives to scratch my canvas sneaker itch (current pair below -- all those years in Converse mean I can't resist a fun colour + white rubber sole!). Alas, most canvas sneakers don't add quite the same "edge" as Chuck Taylors.

It seems like a lot of women have a hard time looking at their feet in chunky, bulky shoes; I'm pretty sure I have the opposite issue. I can't put on a pair that's slim, refined or even a little bit pointy without feeling sort of ridiculous and unbalanced when I look at myself in the mirror. This is why dress shoes continue to stump me.

I get it Lisa ... I think you've mentioned an aversion to "fun" items (?); To me Cons are fun, and then when you add a print to them they are double fun and I don't think that's your vibe ...

They are also super flat, so the comfort issue is totally legit.

No harm in returning, the store can say no if they want to! Nothing ventured!

Rachy, you have such a way with words!!

Interesting points raised : including how the shoes look to others vs how they look to the wearer . I need them to look good to my eye first . Return guilt ? Yes , some . Have to ponder that one before taking action .

Helena - you’re right regarding “ fun” items . Interesting point .

I don’t see Converse as “fun” unless they are in “fun” print or color.
I only started to consider them last year. For me, they work when I want my outfit to look more casual, same as sneakers. I don’t think of them as trendy or stylish. Their appearance in my wardrobe was a result of the change in my lifestyle.
I admire a lot of shoes on others, like chunky boots or oxfords but I don’t even go there, look ridiculous on me. We all experiment with style but at the end of day, we choose what works for us.

I think too , that shoes so iconic as these work best on those who wear them “ authentically “ , if that makes sense . (I am contradicting myself because I do wear and like Vans and I’m no skateboarder nor surfer .) I never wore Converse as a kid , am not a street baller , weightlifter , nor a musician /artist . The boys may have worn them in my junior high school days but I was oblivious to that if they did . The girls sure didn’t . I think they aren’t organic nor authentic to my style the way a leisure shoe like the adidas Stan Smith is . I feel this way about Doc Martens too . Vans might be a fun outlier because they are super cushiony and flattering .

Like LaPed, I wore cons in my 20s/30s, but have moved away from them. I never found them comfortable, and they didn't hold up to the amount of walking I did at the time. I switched to Vans, and prefer them for comfort and wearability. I think in hindsight, stylewise, it was the toecap that was off-putting to me - I don't wear a lot of white, and the white does not bookend my personal coloring (despite being incredibly pale )

But, this post is about you. You (and your feet) have to be happy wearing them!

Not for me, either! I have one low top white, and never reach for them. Cons very narrow on my feet… and going up a size does result in that clown shoe look. I’ll have to get my “cool girl” look somewhere else!

Also my husband, a musician and ultimate cool guy- has worn them for as long as I’ve known him, heck he played, you know, actual basketball in them in high school! Very authentic. Me, always seems like I’m trying too hard…

Joining the chorus here to say Converse do not work for me either. I will enjoy them on others.

Converse don't work for me either. I find them very uncomfortable and not at all flattering. I feel like I have clown feet, and I don't usually worry about that. Maybe it is because they are so flat.

I find them cute on many people, but I am in complete agreement with Style Fan that they are uncomfortable and unflattering on me

Quite glad to know I’m not the only one ! My shoe ordering has not been going well for fall so far . I have so little time to shop in stores that I’ve been online shopping , which for shoes can be difficult . Super frustrating , but I think it’s a sign to back off and give it a rest for awhile . Thanks , all, for your thoughts !

Just getting back to this thread. I found your comment about authenticity interesting - and, specifically, about whether or not we wore Cons when young. I definitely did, and I called them "boy sneakers." I can remember asking my mother for them when I was about 10 and wearing them for several years. (With those sneakers, my navy blazer from the boy's dept, and a pale yellow men's cotton golf jacket from a thrift store, I was pretty much on my way to menswear-inspired style!).

I received the maroon lined high-tops but they were too big, so I have them on Poshmark now. I decided to just order a dupe of my old ones - the fleece-lined black - but in the right size. They really feel like me (and I think that's the point, really, right?).

I think I might end up with all black (outside) footwear for fall which is a little disappointing, but it is what it is. I'll wear the blush sneakers for as long as I can. And I'm praying those wine Madewell boots work.

Well, I packed mine up and returned them. They only saw the outdoors from my front door to my car, so I decided my comfort and money were more important to me than worrying about whatever they do with returns. Sometimes there is only so much angst I have room for in my head, and right now there is no vacancy.

I hope your Madewells work out, V, and I'm smiling at the image of little you in your Chucks and boys blazer. You had it going on even then!

I received my black, lined high tops and I’m keeping them.
my clown feet and I are ready for winter! LOL

I have had trouble too, and I love them on other people!

The only place I have luck is with the lo-tops, and I would never attempt those without Superfeet orthotics in them.

Hi-tops are so cute on tall, willowy women, but my calves look shorter than my feet in these shoes, and it is definitely a clown feet moment. I found that a pair of PF Flyers worked much better for me. They scratch the itch of that look but there's something about the cut that is more forgiving. They claim to be more cushiony and they are a tad, but I still put orthotics in.