Hi! Question on Maxi dresses. Are they ever okay for work? I work in technology in marketing. I see a range of outfits at work from business casual to jeans and tee shirts. I tend more toward business casual (no distressed jeans, white denim ok)

Not sure I want to invest in a maxi dress or not. It's cute, comfortable and looks good on me.

Maxi dress pros:

  • Flattering on me, I am average height.
  • Looks ok with a moto jacket and casual wedge sandals, more casual with a denim jacket
  • Nice for cool summer evenings, when jeans are too warm during the day (although we're having fewer of those in the Seattle lately)
  • It screams dowdy if you try to put a blazer over it.
  • I don't want to invest in an item with limited wear if Maxi dresses are on their way out.
Not sure it's the right vibe but don't want to be afraid to try something new! Do you have one of these? why or why not? When do you wear it? Is this still a trend or is it skirts now? Thanks!