I love leopard but think I need to use in subtle ways. A leopard bag is appealing because I know I have a sugar eye for print handbags( usually florals).
But, most of my leopard - live has been for cozy fabrics - scarves or wool or soft cotton sweaters -though I do have a belt- I think because I think of it as fur, soft. Yet I don't much like the hair- calf trend.
A lot of bags have the leopard as haircalf.
I don't have the same issue with reptile because it's " skin". Or maybe I have the reverse- I like reptile leather goods.
I think it's more that some leopard patterns appeal and some don't. It can't just be " realism" because nothing is really real!
Dies anyone else struggle with texture or other aspects of leopard, as in, some bags are too plasticky, but you don't want " fur" either?