I am doing a pre-report of my 2022 wardrobe, that is, how many clothes I have worn this year. Much to my dismay the number is high (81 in 9 months) compared with the good result of 2021 (67 in the whole year).
Thinking of it, I realized why this happened.
This year I have had sudden lacks in various clothes categories and being in emergency I went too often to pick things out from the set-aside pile. If they are in the set-aside pile it means that they are meh for some reason, and therefore I wore them once or twice and then discarded them again. But they contributed to increase the total number of clothes worn.
I am tempted to make a "fake" report removing the things worn only once or twice but that wouldn't be honest.
Ah, first world problem! Lesson learnt: keep the darn set-aside bin far from home! Don't go rummage in it, never!
Just to share ...