Gorgeous colors, on both the trees, and on you.

We had weirdly warm weather in October, and our trees never got the signal to drop their leaves.

You look fabulously festive for the holidays. Have a fun day and some restful time off.

What a cheery, festive combination!! You look stunning, and I am loving your longer hair!

WOW! So stunning! Lifted my spirits and reminded me of a favourite storybook about a talented tailor who eventually stands out by trying so hard to blend in

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating!

Halibut Jackson storybook:

Fabulous colour combining as always.l love the scarf!

Oh my gossssh! I love LOVE the colours, the deep oranges and blues with red. Wow!

Gorgeous colors! Your hair is looking beautiful too.

Beautiful warm and cool colour combination! Love! Your hair is looking lovely and soft.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating!

Wow, you are stunningly beautiful and dressed to perfection. Glad you had fun at the mall.

Your color choices are always a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the weekend!


I'm humbled by your kind compliments. Appreciate you chiming in on this big holiday weekend in the US. Thanks so much

I'm back to taking time off the forum...

Amazing as always! Color inspiration as always!

You look vibrant and polished and happy! What a special look for a special person.

Beautiful look in a place that beckons, Angie. How fun to see how your brights play together. Your hair is so pretty ; grow outs take patience and helps to have it take the journey with so much cooperation.

What a visual delight. Its a real new take on Autumn instead of the usual muted colours, the bright red and orange go so well together. Happy thanksgiving.

So cute! Angie, you always look so happy and brighten my day! Enjoy your time.

I also envy your bright leaves. I am trying to see the beauty of naked trees. They look best when snowy or frosty at sunrise or sunset. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

You make me smile with all those beautiful colors. Happy belated Thanksgiving. XXXOOO, Naz

Thank you all SO much! Your kind words are good for the soul.

Love University Village! As you say, the vibe is so great. Since moving off the mainland I hadn't been in quite a few years but went recently to check out the Allbirds store and had a chance to shop around again. It was super busy then, even mid-week. And, as always your color choices are fabulous.

Your hair is really getting long! Growing out is such a waiting game but it's looking great.

Love the outfit - that coat is gorgeous. And the pretty weather!

Seattle in Autumn is just so stunning!! And so are you and your outfit! Every single item is gorgeous, but I'm especially loving how you paired those trousers with the booties!

Thanks so much! Appreciate the kind words.

And yes - get to U-Village the next few weeks

I am now on the lookout for a black with white polka dots scarf so that I can replicate the outerwear look with my black wool maxi coat! This is one of my all time favorite looks of yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

I hope you find the scarf!

I love the outfit and your hair! Stunning!

Lovely to see you chime in, Debbie