I don't track wears on my masks, but I got to thinking recently...our mask mandate went into effect in mid-April last year. That means it's been about ten months, or 40ish weeks, since I got my first masks. I'm pretty sure I wash masks close to weekly--it depends how often we leave the house--and I wash my masks every time they're worn (as you should). Those first ones are certainly nearing or past 30 wears and, more importantly, 30 washes. If my masks were t-shirts, I'd be expecting to see some thinning fabric and pinprick holes at this point.

All of my masks are made from a woven material, not knit, so that will help them last longer, but I'm thinking, after ten months, it's super important to be vigilant about signs of wear--stretched out elastic, thinning fabric, holes, or tears. This is one item I don't want to use with any damage!

Have any of you had to discard a mask due to wear yet? Also, a friendly reminder to inspect those pieces before you put them on!