I enjoyed Angie's post on makeup because I really love playing with makeup and certainly apply more than the basics on her list. But I have a lot of issues with both sensitivities and preferences for natural products. I noticed a number of comments from people like me who like makeup, but have to be careful. I'm sure that there are others who have done a lot more research than I have, but I thought I'd share a few things that I have discovered, in case it will help any of you.

First of all, I discovered something that I think many women may not even know is a thing - that it is possible to be extremely sensitive to the mineral mica - which is in SO many makeup products (eye shadows and blushes, but even in many other things). Because it is a mineral and quite "pure" people don't think of it as a typical allergen, but from what I've read, mica has very sharp edges that can hurt sensitive skin. I keep trying little experiments, and some accidental experiments, and keep coming back to the realization that my skin hates mica! But that doesn't mean that I can't wear eyeshadow or eyeliner. Even though I prefer very natural skin care, I do find that the extremely natural companies do often use a lot of mica (because it is "natural"). There are just a few companies that I have found who have some eye and cheek makeup without mica (and there may be more that I have not found yet).

I just found these sites, and haven't ordered anything yet: http://epicmineralbeauty.myshopify.com
I haven't tried this either, but these eyeliners don't have mica (but their eye shadows do, so never assume a company never uses mica in any products unless they say so): http://devitaskincare.com/stor.....0_273.html
The makeup that I use on my eyes is Urban Decay, but they do use mica in some products, so I have to read everything very carefully before purchasing. Their colors are amazing and beautiful! The 24/7 Velvet pencils are incredible!

I'm also really particular about skin care. I don't like the idea of putting lots of chemicals and fragrances on my face, so I have tried all kinds of things. Here are some of my favorites:
My current obsession: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrunchyBetty
Others that I have tried and liked in the past (but I get bored, so didn't discontinue for any negative reasons, and I set the links up to take you to my favorite product on each of those sites.)
100 Percent pure: http://www.100percentpure.com/.....-cream-1oz
Juice Beauty: http://www.juicebeauty.com/sto.....g-oil.html

I look forward to hearing about other products for allergies and sensitivities that you know of! I'm always open to finding more things that I can use. I think I have seen some other threads on the forum, but some of the comments on Angie's post mentioned that they are still searching for products. And I also haven't heard of very many others like myself who have identified mica as a culprit, and thought this might open a discussion.

Just for grins... or shock value, I have attached a photo of what my eyes did a few years ago to get my attention and tell me to stop using anything with mica!

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