Slightly OT but now that we are starting to get back out in the world more, I’m reevaluating my makeup. I’m quite happy with a purchase I made before the start of the pandemic of Milk cosmetics cream blush, and it’s made me consider giving up all powder formulations. I have a bunch of old MAC eyeshadows that are still in good shape and have lots of use in them (a little pigment goes a long way with their products, I have found), so I may give them to my niece.

I’ve used a touch of cream cheek color on my eyelids and it has me considering trying a real cream eyeshadow. I use a light touch with eyeshadow, when I use it, and I prefer muted colors that are neutral or near-neutral (my best shade is a cool plum-brown, which brings out the green in my eyes), with very little shimmer — too much shimmer isn’t so hot on 50-something year old skin.

I’ve looked at a few reviews and best-of lists but wondered if any of you have recommendations. Thanks in advance!